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Welcome to the Coadjute Developer Portal

Connecting and integrating with Coadjute is easy! Start your journey with the Coadjute Developer Portal here: find out more about Coadjute, learn how it can benefit your company, explore what you can do on the network, and discover how to get connected.


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Experience beautifully designed APIs


Learn more about our APIs, see how easy they are to use, and explore how they can transform your technology.

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Discover blockchain technology


We use a highly secure form of blockchain known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to provide unparalleled security, privacy and scalability.

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Innovate for your business


Place your company at the centre of innovation in the property market, create value, and increase profitability for your business.

Coadjute and connectivity

In the UK property market, around 100,000 homes are bought and sold each month, in a process that involves estate agents, conveyancers, lenders, mortgage brokers, and surveyors.

Today, the systems these parties are using are usually not well connected to each other, so the coordination between them ends up relying on endless phone calls and emails. This lack of connectivity makes the process slow, complex, and opaque, costing the industry billions in wasted effort and lost sales. Coadjute solves this problem by giving you one simple integration that connects you to the rest of the industry.


The Coadjute Solution

Coadjute doesn’t replace existing systems, it connects them, enabling everyone to see the same data and documents from their own CRM or Case Management System. For your users, being on the network means that they can connect and collaborate with users of other connected systems directly from within your software.

Uniquely, our network is built on distributed ledger technology (DLT). This enables your property software system to connect to other systems in the market in real-time, and exchange data, events, messages, digital identities, e-signatures, and documents, faster and more securely than ever before. This removes the need for a continuous flow of emails and telephone calls to stay in sync with other businesses and consumers on the status of the property transaction.


Explore API Catalogue

A winning proposition

ConnectConnect your users and gain new income.

By enhancing your current system with Coadjute, your customers could be spending more time interacting with your software and enjoying the benefits of a fully connected solution. They will pay a small fee for usage, and you take a share of the transactions.


Connect to one, connect to many

A secure, trusted and digitally connected property market can offer all participants significant benefits. Today, in the face of unprecedented challenges, connecting the fragmented property market has evolved from being a customer experience benefit to becoming a business resilience imperative.


Connect to us, and benefit from connecting to many - saving you the cost of doing multiple point to point integrations. A growing number of platforms are available via one simple connection to Coadjute. View more about the capabilities of our APIs here.

Connect to us connect to all


testUnparalleled security

We use a highly secure form of blockchain known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and specifically R3 Corda Enterprise Blockchain, the preferred choice of DLT for global banks including NatWest, BBVA, HSBC and ING.

This enables the Coadjute Platform to provide unparalleled security, privacy, and scalability.

Featured APIs

Coadjute may be built on sophisticated blockchain technology, but you can connect to the network using simple APIs. The Developer Portal contains all the APIs you need to benefit from Coadjute, and over the coming months, we’ll be adding further APIs as the network grows and develops.


View our APIs now, and see how they can help transform your technology.


Explore API Catalogue

Need help?

Our team is here to help you explore our latest APIs and to offer full training and support. If you need any help with integration, just get in touch.

If you have any questions about our APIs, check out our FAQs or complete our form to register your interest.

About us

Coadjute is a property technology business headquartered in London. Our open network connects the parties involved in property transactions using blockchain, cutting the cost and increasing the speed of property deals. Backed by global VC investors and supported by major players in the property market, the network is being rolled out across the UK market.


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